Fractions Worksheets For Pre-schoolers

Kids in preschool can learn fractions using basic fractions worksheets

Can preschool kids use fractions worksheets to learn fractions?

Yes, of course,  kids going to preschool can learn fractions too, using the basic fractions worksheets. The condition is that they should know the counting numbers to ten, at least. If kids in preschool don’t know counting to tens, get counting numbers worksheets and lessons by clicking this link.

Once kids know how to count to ten and they can count the number of objects too, then they can be introduced with basic fractions.

Apple activity to introduce basic fractions to preschoolers:

Get an apple and ask kids to count, of course this is one apple and kids can recognize it as number “one”: Look at picture of apple and you can use this picture if you don’t want to use a real apple.

One Apple for fractions
Fractions worksheets with apple





After showing the apple (a real apple or the above image) to kids, now cut this apple into two equal pieces. You can use the following picture again if you don’t have a real apple to cut.


Apple fractions
Apple cut into half


One half is the most basic fraction. Keep giving more examples of half to kids until they get comfortable with this idea. Ask your kids lots of question about half.

Once kids get the idea of one half the next basic fraction is one quarter and we choose a pizza example to introduce kids with the one quarter. Also the task to explain three quarter gets very simple with the example of a pizza. Consider a family of four members named, Harry, Poonam and their Mom and Dad and the Mom made a pizza as shown in the picture below:


Fractions Using Pizza Example
Pizza is delicious to eat and excellent to use in fractions worksheets!


Now mom cuts the above pizza into four equal slices and each member have a slice to eat. But only Harry wants to eat his share of the pizza right now. Below is a little try to introduce one quarter and three quarters to kids.


Fractions Worksheet on Quater and Three Quarters
Hot Pizza To Eat? No, To Explain One Quarter To Kids!


Hence the basic fractions parents can teach to their kids before even sending them to pre-school. I used this to teach fractions to my own daughter and it worked perfect. You too can pick more example from daily life to teach fractions to your kids yourself. Later on your can use our fractions worksheets to teach higher fractions topics to your kids.

For more fractions worksheets and ideas visit our site by clicking any of the links in the post.

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