Fractions worksheets on finding fraction of a group

Fractions worksheets – Part of a group of things

Fractions can be written as part of a whole. Most often fractions are used when one whole is cut into many parts. This way we get all the fractions less than one and we call them, “the proper fractions.” Therefore most of the fractions worksheets have been given so far contain proper fractions in them.

In this presentation we will talk about writing the fractions as part of a group of objects. When a group of objects is divided we, still can get fractions. Most often these are called improper fractions. There can be many types of fractions worksheets and basic problems on writing fractions using part of a group.

Actually, the term used, for this presentation type of fractions, is “of”. For example we can say 3 out of 7 kids are girls and hence it can be written as a fraction  “3/7.”

Learning and practicing this skill using fractions worksheets

Learning this skill about fractions is very similar to writing fractions as the part of a whole. In this case the total parts of the whole (the denominator of the fraction) is replaced by total number of objects in the group. The parts of whole we choose out of total number of parts (the numerator of the fraction) is same as the number of object we pick from the all the given objects.
Below is a sample lesson and basic fractions worksheet on writing fractions as part of a group:

Fractions worksheets grade 1
“Elementary fractions worksheets for kids”

Free fractions worksheets to practice writing fractions as part of a group:

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