Fractions Worksheets – Shade The Fraction Of A Circle

Fractions Worksheets

Once kids get to work on fractions worksheets in grade one, give them different types of fractions worksheets on basic fractions. We are adding sample fractions worksheets on this site on a daily basis. Today’s topic is to introduce kids to shade part of a shape by looking at the fraction given in the standard form (fraction written using numerator and denominator)

Use of circles to represent fractions is the most convenient way to learn fractions. Keeping this in mind we use circles in our fractions worksheets too. This worksheet also contains sectioned circles to be colored according to the given fraction in standard form. Kids are encouraged to use the colors of their choice to fill in the parts of circles.

Below is the basic fraction worksheet on making the fractions using circles as indicated by each of the problem. Kids need to look at the given fraction in the question, its numerator and denominator. The next step is to count parts of the circle in divided into, should be equal to the denominator of the given fractions. Hence, the denominator tells the total parts of the circle.

Next, look at the numerator of the fraction and this is the key information for us. Numerator of the fraction tells about how many parts of the given circle need to be colored. For example; if the given fraction is 3/5, where 5 is the denominator of the fraction and it tells the number of total sections of the circle. Now 3 is the numerator of the fraction, which tells the number of parts of the circle to be colored. For the given fraction 3/5, a circle with five parts should have three parts colored.

Fractions Worksheets For Kids In Grade 1

Follow the instructions given above or look at example problem given in the fraction worksheet below:


Fraction Worksheet To Make Circle Fractions
Fractions Worksheets Using Circle Fractions


This kind of fractions worksheets are very important for young kids in elementary grades, such as grade 1 or 2 math. Kids get more and more familiar with the concept of fractions and more they practice, better they get at fractions and higher the grades they achieve in math. For more free fractions worksheets stay tuned, soon this site will be updated with higher concepts about fractions.

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