Multiple Choice Fractions Worksheets Grade 1

Use of multiple choice questions in fractions worksheets

When it comes to developing fractions worksheets for kids, one can use many versions of these worksheets.For example, fraction worksheets asking kids to show their work, worksheets showing colored shapes and asking students to write an appropriate fraction for the colored or uncolored parts and fractions worksheets having group of things to choose from. 

Almost all of the above types of worksheets have been displayed on this site but the multiple choice problems worksheets. This post is to make, kids in grade one or two, familiar with the worksheets that contain multiple choice problems.

The advantage of multiple choice problems is that they contain the answer in front of the student’s eyes. As a result students get energized or motivated to solve the problem, by taking clues from the given answers.

Fraction worksheet having multiple choice problems for grade 1

Keeping all types of worksheet problems in mind, we have created the following worksheet with multiple choice problems on basic fractions.  All the problems have six choices to answer and only one of them is correct. Make sure your answer, you have only one out of six chances, to be correct.

Print it and give it to your kids or students, so that they can get aware of the problems they can face in tests and exams in higher grades.


Multiple choice fractions worksheets
“Fractions worksheets for kids in elementary grades”


Hope that the above basic fraction worksheet will help kids to get very comfortable with the concept of fractions in elementary grades. We are doing our best to give the quality content to our kids right at the basic levels; this way, when we’ll start to publish the higher grade fractions concepts, they are ready and willing to learn it.

There may be couple more posts about the elementary fractions concepts, to make sure that we touch the every available resource to introduce basic fractions to young kids. Then we’ll move to give equivalent fractions worksheets right at this site, so stay tuned for all your fractions learning or teaching needs.


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